Sunday, 14 June 2015

Chapter 1: University Campus Life. Content 2

After two weeks i studied at here, I already knew about the Policy and Regulation of Coventry University and KPTM Policy and also i also already knew about the Regulation of Coventry University. It is different between I was in school and college time. One of the rules that i never expect was the regulations of library. It is very hard but must to  follow widely. At the below, it is the regulation of library that student must to follow. 

GENERAL LIBRARY REGULATIONS (must be read together with the College Regulations Handbook)

All staff and students must wear KPTM identification card upon entering the Library. 

Silence is strictly observed in the Library. 

The library staff on duty have the right to usher out any patron who causes disturbance in the Library to. 

Smoking, eating, and drinking are strictly prohibited in the Library. 

Patrons are not allowed to remove or change the arrangement of Library furniture. 

Reservation of seats is not permitted. If a seat is left vacant for more than 30 minutes, materials left behind can be removed by library staff. Al-Khawarizmi Library accepts no responsibility for loss of personal belongings. 

Bags, helmets, slippers, files, and umbrellas are not allowed in the Library. 

All patrons are required to show all books and other items for inspection upon request before leaving the Library, or when the alarm is triggered at the exit gate. 

The library staff on duty has the authority to conduct a body search on any suspicious looking individual entering or leaving the Library

Sweaters and jackets must be removed for examination upon entry and exit at the entrance/ exit doors. 

Patrons must be properly attired in accordance to the stipulated dress code in the KPTM regulations. 

Scribbling on library books is strictly forbidden. Anyone caught in damaging a book in any way may be required to replace the damaged book by providing a new copy or paying the cost of the replacement. 

Cell phones are not allowed to be used in the Library. Making calls and receiving calls should be done in the Lobby. Use the silent signal function as the alert for incoming calls. Violation of this rule will result in a fine of RM10.00.

The different is, in college we're allowed to bring our mobile phone. But at school, we're not allowed to bring the mobile phone. So then, when the rules put about the mobile phone and must to use the silent signal function as the alert incoming call during in library, its make me like that i was really as a student of KPTM KL now. Haha not to much but the surrounding make me surprise for that moment.

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